How to go back to previous stats screen from map?

Tristan Stanic shared this question 9 months ago


Using LocusMap Pro 3.44 on Android 10.

Reviewing track details such as Chart or Laps. I use the function "Display on Map". Once done the review on the map. I would like to go back to the previous tab Chart or Laps.

So far I manage to do this with a quite long manipulation:

  • tap on the track
  • on the popup, hit the little arrow to open the menu
  • select track details
  • select the tab charts
  • and ... to see that the previous selected point was now unselected

Is there a more "natural" way to go back to the previous screen?

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Dear Tristan.

Thank you for the initiative, but unfortunately, this option is not possible.

Best regards.

Adela Voldanova


Chart could possibly go through dashboard. You can make diagram as a dashboard. And you can show and hide the dashboard. You can put the button in the sidebar.


Alternatively, you can adjust the setting under points&tracks, on the "tap on track" setting change it to Screen. This way, when you tap a recorded or planned track on the map you go directly to the information tab on the selected track. 2 steps faster :)