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How to increase the size of map POI?

Giulio Buccini shared this question 4 years ago

I managed on how to increase the size of the POIs that I add (Menù > Settings > Point & Tracks > Point icon size), but it is still a mystery for how I can tune the size of the other map POI icons (i.e. fuel stations, parking areas, ATMs, etc.)

Any idea?It is quite frustrating to zoom on a POI to see better and observing the icon getting smaller than the surroundings object. It should get bigger instead...

More generally it would be nice to have all POI icons bigger when some level of zoom on the map is triggered (for example below 500-600 meters).

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Hello Giulio.

Sorry, but POI icons cannot be magnified, you can enlarge maps : SETTINGS/MAPS/ADVANCED FEATURES/MAGNIFY ALL MAPS

Best regards.

Adela Voldanova


: (


Why is this not possible?

I switched from smartphone to tablet and now all map icons appear too small. :-(

As for other users, map zoom factor is not a solution, because icons should be larger in relation to other objects such as roads etc.

So, just like POI zoom factor but for all symbols in internal and external themes (usually SVGs).

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