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How to open Multi Cache Solver in Version 3.34.1

Bernd Hauschulz shared this question 18 months ago

Hi, I'm using Locus Map Free and have installed Multi Cache Solver, but I can not open the Solver from the stored Geocache.

Based on a You Tube instruction, I should open the Geocache and than open the action menu and select the Solver app.

But I can only see edit, copy, export delete etc.

Is there a possibility to re-add the Solver to the action menu?

Thanks a lot

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try the share button left of the action menu button. There should by a menu item called "Berechnen" in german. Possibly "Calculate" in englisch.



Hi, ,

thanks a lot , that was the trick. Share was not used before , as I thought only share with social media.

Amny thanks again and have a lot of exiting caches on your way.


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