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How to remove data from a map

John Lee shared this question 2 years ago

Good Evening.

I feel that I should know the answer to this but cant figure it out.

My map shows about 500 Geocaches that I would like to remove but I cant find out how. I have looked in "Points" in the main menu where I would expect to find items from GPX files (which is my usual way to upload items) but the file is empty.

From the number, location and shape of grouping it may be that I might have uploaded a PQ possibly via Geocaching4Locus but on neither the main Locus App nor the one from Geocaching4Locus can I find a way to get rid of them.

Can anyone help , please.

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Hello John

click on the arrow and you´ll be lead to place where the geocaches are.

Next, if you click the icon of this folder all geocaches are hidden




Many thanks Wolfgang.

All clear now.


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