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How to save a picture from the listing of a cache

Celda shared this question 8 years ago

I import geocaches into Locus. Later, being online (or having used GC offliniser) when I browse a listing of a cache in Locus, I can even see the pictures embedded in the listing.

But is there a simple way how to extract (save) such a picture as a file to my memory card ?

I have experienced a few times such a situation that a picture in a listing of a mystery cache needs to explored thoroughly. Even though the picture is apparently under my very nose I could not get it and had to open the listing in a mobile web browser (which costs time and battery endurance and requires being online) and save the picture from there, which means another unnecessary download.

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The pictures you see in listing or under images are stored under:

locus/data/geocaching/last number/second last number


for GC1A2B3 you find the pictures under locus/data/geocaching/3/B


Nope ! :-(

I can see the picture in the listing but the folder


is empty (no subfolders) !!!

But thank you for your interest anyway.


Hello Celda,

1. currently If you just display "listing tag" in Locus, images are downloaded and stored in internal android cache. Size of this case is anyway limited (to around 10 MB), so older images are deleted when new require space.

2. If you use GC Offlinizer, images will be downloaded to location, balloni mentioned. So images will be PERMANENTLY cached for later use.

3. Or you may give a try to alternative method over config.cfg file (parameter dev_enable_auto_gc_offlinizer in the end), which tries to automatically cache images visible in step 1 in same way, as over Offlinizer in step 2.


Hello Meninon, thank you for your replay.

The easiest way would be to save the picture the same way I can do it when watching the listing in a browser (long touch on the picture and something like "Save picture as"). But I guess for a reason you just don't want to enable this in the listing tab (otherwise it would already be there :-) ) ?!!

>images are downloaded and stored in internal android cache

Where (which folder) can I find it ? Is it the same folder for any Android version ?


Hmm such feature (long click on image) does not exists, because no one ever wanted such feature.

Internal cache is in app private directory. In case of Locus Pro it's usually for example /data/data/ so quite complicated to handle it manually.

I really suggest to use method 2. if you need permanently stored images or give a try to method 3. Anyway in last method, I still had some problems with scrolling of listing, so that's why this feature is just in testing mode

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