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How to save Canada Topo Map to Locus Map

Remote Explorer shared this question 2 years ago

As much as I like the offline Yukon map from Locus and OpenAndroMaps that I can easily install onto locus maps, I might be in heading to some very remote areas where open source and cried sourced maps don't have much data. Canada's freely available topographic maps provide the best detail in these areas. Is there a way to install a distinct area of the Canada topographic map onto locus maps. The download button returns an error. Other Android map programs provide this map for offline use with their paid apps and I wouldn't mind paying for locus maps if it can do something similar.

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thank you for the post. We revied our restriction for map downloading and we increased the limit for Canada Topo Map to 10 000 tiles / day. Available from the next version of the app

Thank you



That's awesome! Thank you. I've told my colleagues about how quick you were to fix that issue and they'll be downloading the app too.



BTW: please check our other app , if you use Locus for professional purposes.

Thanks, Petr

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