How to set Guidance start point.

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How do you set the origin point for Guidance?

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when your Locus GPS is on, guidance leads form your fixed position or from the last fixed position (if you don't have GPS fix at the moment). If your Locus GPS is off, guidance leads form the position of the map cursor. Other options are not possible.


Hi Michal,

Thanks for the reply :)

Yes, after much experimenting, I did figure this out. I see it as a benefit and like it. Now that I understand what happens and why :)

I use is to see line and distance to many somewhat close points by switching gps on, put center cursor where I want the source of the line to start, then off with the gps. Now the source point is where I put the cursor crosshairs. very good.

thanks for the explication and quick reply. I have spent last 5 days going thru the user guide and learning much of what Locus can do - Very Nice!