How to turn off an online map?

Tomasz Golabek shared this question 6 years ago


I'd like to see only the WMS map, but there is an online map (OSM) underlying and I cannot find a way to turn it off. Do I have to use Hide option?

BTW - is there any way to see two WMS maps layered?


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Hello Tomasz,

Please select Menu > Map > Blank > (light or dark) to "turn off" background online map.

Locus is able to display only one WMS map at once. If you want to use more sophisticated app for handling with WMS layers or SHPfile then try to Locus GIS app. App is still in development process but it's quite powerful now. How to install it is described in G+ site


Hi Petr. Thanks for quite simple, but not quite intuitive, answer regarding turning off bacground online map.

I'm very happy to see the info about LocusGIS app - I was really missing the possibility of showing more than one WMS layer at once - not to mention SHP file. So I will be testing it with curiosity and pleasure.

I will - if it be possible to download - as for now Google Play can't find it.


Locus GIS is available for everybody who join to the Google+ testing groups. If you want to try then:

1. You need to join into Google Plus beta tester page.

2.On Google+ site (in right panel) is direct link "Become member" where you can join into members of testing group. After that you can open Google Play application and search for Locus GIS or visit the web page: to install Locus GIS

Please feel free to test it, create projects, import/export SHPfiles..etc. We’ll appreciate any comments, ideas, bugs report... Unfortunately the Google+ page is little bit unusable for us because we can not categorize your requests or issues. For this reason I'd like to ask you for writing requests on our "GIS help desk"

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