How turn on button "Dispaly Off"

Paweł Walesa shared this question 3 years ago

Hello Guys !

In new version of Locus we have new function " Display Off".

My question is following, how can I put this button in panel buttom where are magnifier + / -

Now I can put this to top or right panel.

Second my question is, If I turn off display, Can I turn on again ?


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Good day Pawel,

1) placing "Turn off" button is possible only to "functions panel" (top/right), not to bottom

2) turning on > it's on you. There may be two suggestions, both may be enabled in "settings > display > screen on/off control". You may use gestures or certain events that happen during navigation.


Ok I understand now. Thanx for suport.

Merry Christmas Menion ;-)