How to choose the average speed that time rings are based on?

Georg D shared this question 5 years ago

Time rings seem to be pretty useful - they help to estimate "where will I be in 5 minutes?" and the like. It`s a pity that they are nearly useless for car driving and winter sports, because they are based on the average speed of only the last 5 (?) seconds -- a time span that is too short.

For winter sports: Before seeing time rings, I need to put off the gloves, pull out the phone and unlock it -- that`s quite cold and risky while moving quickly, so I have to move very slowly or stop moving completely. Hence, the time rings show me where I will be when I`m standing still ;-(

Moreover, while doing nordic / cross country skiing, ascents and descents have massively different average speed. So time rings shall be based on a mix of ascent and descent, i.e. be based on last 30 minutes or average of recording track.

For car driving: Stopping on red traffic light - where I have the best opportunity to read time rings - means I stand still, so the average speed is mostly zero. Hence, the time rings show me where I will be when I`m standing still ;-(


1) How can I change the settings in a way that time rings are based on average speed of e.g. last 2 or 30 minutes (=mid time span average)?

2) Is it possible to show time rings based on average speed of currently recorded track (=long time span average)?

3) Is it possible to show time rings based on average speed I type in manually (=hypothetical avg speed)? This would be a shortcut for manual calculation (if I moved with an average speed of x, how many meters would I do in 5mins > look up distance rings)

I did not find that in =time&s[]=rings]

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I firstly don`t wanted to read such long post :) but finally did it and

unfortunately have to agree. On second side, this function is primarily done for pilots. Average speed is not exactly from last 5 secs, but something like this. It has effect that changes in speed are visible almost immediately. Values you wrote will have very low effect on rings and for actions where speed change a lot, will be useless.

I have to think about it, anyway if I`ll want to support this feature for other then just pilots, there will need to be some settings


Sorry, I was unable to make it shorter ;-)

I understand, current implementation is designed for flights & similar uses, and for other uses, a complete / broader re-design is required.

=> That feature is neither urgent nor really important for me - there are several feasible manual workarounds available (e.g. activate distance rings & look which point on recorded track has same distance as target).


Hi Georg,

as Menion already wrote speed rings are designed especially for flying. So we decided not to change the algorithm for computing mentioned speed circles.

Anyway, you pointed out one issue which is related with other function (for example car navigation). These function use similar algorithm for computing time to end and this algorithm has to be rewritten.


That`s OK for me :)