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Hi there!

I`ve recently discovered opensource maps of New Zealand, that seem to have far more details and POI`s then the OSM vectormaps.

The maps can be downloaded from the NZ Open GPS Project ( as *.img for garmin or in Polish format *.mp (this is a vector map format, I`ve learned)

Now the question:

Do you know how to convert this *.mp (or the *.img) to a format (should be a vector map) that is suitable for locus pro?

It should be a simple way, I`ve found some description to do it, but I can`t because my computer skills are not good enough for that :(



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Hi Robert,

Unfortunately I have no experience how to convert mp format to Locus vector format. I’ve done a little research and maybe following lings could help.

You can convert *.mp format to *.osm format using mp2osm app.

After that you can convert *.osm format to *.map format using osmosis with map-writer plugin. How to do this is described

Then simple copy generated *.map file to your device into the folder called "/Locus/mapsVector/"



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