Huge rate of Android alarms

Michael Bechtold shared this problem 2 years ago

Hi Menion, using enhanced BetterBatteryStats without root, I found that Locus keeps Android from going to deep sleep big time. 6 events per minute. Even without tracking. GPS off on Android level, but Satellites in Locus turned on.

Could Locus catch the event when Android level GPS if switched. And if that is turned stops asking, even when Satellite is turned on ?

THe and cheers


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Hello Michael,

it is correct, that to keep Locus alive, I use various tricks and this is one of them.

I'm just really worried, that in case of aggressive system, when we disable this, Locus will be sleeping in moment you change state of system GPS from "off" to "on".

If you do not have enabled tracking or any service in Locus that needs GPS, then you have probably disabled settings > GPS > "Disable when hidden" right? Because otherwise Locus should turn off GPS when put to background so this problem should not happen.


TXs, Menion. That gibt fixes it.


Perfect, glad to hear.

This means, quite logically, that this settings cause extra battery drain when not needed and when system GPS is disabled. Not quite common situation, but should be notified to user. Will think about it, thanks.