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Hybrid navigation mode: mix of navigation on all tracks with user's routing commands

Bucky Kid shared this idea 8 years ago

Hi, because in Locus 3.8.0 a feature was added to add own commands along route it brings a drawback, you add own routing commands at cost of losing the powerful auto-navigation feature. This is of course a loss especially if you need only add couple of refining commands to completed track you must also add own commands for all rest of track (laborious and time demanding). In final this forces to avoid adding any custom commands in favour to preserve availability navigation on all tracks.

I suggest that Locus offers to user for tracks with custom commands a choice to

- either navigate only by user's commands (the current behaviour)

- or navigate only by guessed instructions (the way how it behaved without any user commands)

- or allow hybrid navigation mode (my favourite) - continue to generate guessed navigation commands except the places where user puts own (Locus assuming the crossing is already handled by user). Locus would skip generation of own commands within some distance around hard saved navigation arrow (distance might be defined in configuration).

I hope the point is clear enough to understand.

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Hello Bucky Kid,

and what about another option:

1. open track detail and from bottom right 'tools' menu choose "Create copy"

2. in dialog choose "generate commands"

3. you will get new track with already pre-generated commands.

Now you may simply use this track or edit/add already existing commands to fit your needs.


Oh thanks, I didn't know about this.

This works but takes quite long to make a copy.

Also I think that hybrid mode has an advantage to only keep one track and quickly recompute the instructions whenever a change is made on track.


Fine, give it a try. I think it should be a lot better solution then some semi-automatic hybrid mode. It will bring just another step in complexity I think. Which is already quite high ...


In the 3.8.0 news it was said "The difference between route navigation and guiding is hopefully not necessary to be explained in detail." by mstupka - I had to laugh. I followed the extensive discussions over the last month here, here, here, and I find the differences do need far more explanation. I can't see any changes in the manual yet. There is a lot of complexity in these modes, settings, functions. I experimented with the new modes yesterday and some operation is confusing, although I haven't collected my thoughts together sufficiently to ask questions yet.

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