I can connect to an ANT Heartrate Sensor but it is not recorded.

Daniel Aschauer shared this problem 5 years ago
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Connection to ANT+ Heartrate Sensor (Garmin) can be established. However when I record a track the heartrate is not included. I've read somewhere that this should be possible (or is it not a feature of Locus)? I did not find anything related in the settings either :(

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Good day Daniel,

how you please checked that HRM values are not recorded? Fastest may be open of track, tab "chart" and by first bottom button enable display of "heart rate" values.

Also in ANT+ screen in Locus, you should see current HRM value. If you see this value, then during track recording this value is on 100 % recorded.



Thanks! That way now I can see it. I was looking on the exported tcx the last time, and couldn't see it, but now it is in the file also. Eventually I had some other problem then.


Hmm interesting, there were no changes around this system in latest versions.

If it happen again and mainly if you will be able to simulate this problem, write me here please. Keep in mind, that is really required to be able to repeatedly simulate this problem, because otherwise it is really hard to fix it.