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I don´t have the Icon to change Sidebar Items

Markus shared this question 8 years ago


A have installed the newest Version of Locus. And resetted all to standard Parameter.

I have seen a Video Showing that it is Possible to add Icons to Sidebar.

But I do not have this Option in "Menu--->More"

Please Helpe me with this, because I want to add the Icon of BRouter to Sidebar like shown in this Video.

Why don´t I have this Option ? I have Installed the Pro-Version.

Is it normal that in "Route Manager" just two via-Points are Possible ? (in Pro Version?)

greets Markus

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hm, OK I re-Installed. I still have not the Icon in the Menu

Maybe in new Version It is not possible anymore in "Menu-- More" ?

But It is able with a long klick on Sidebar. (click and hold)

I tried this bevore and it did not work. Maybe the Reboot brought me to sucess. :)

Thank you

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