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I have some problem on map calibration

Giuseppe Massimo Giannini shared this question 3 years ago

I'm from Italy excuse me for my english I'm avoid using google translate.

I have Locus Map Pro from several years.

Until today I didn't use raster maps

(but I use it on Garmin or ArcMap or Oziexplorer)

Today I cut a part of a paper map of traks in my

region (Tuscany) then I've scanned the part in JPG

format. The result JPG is the attached file.

A JPG file 1,41 Mb and 841x1107 pixels..

When I try to calibrate this raster using the

Locus Map "image map calibration" I have

this error "Problem with obtaining selected. please try a different method."

I have tried three different images, in BMP, in PNG and JPG format

I have re-cut and resample the image but nothing change...

I have another litlle problem on offline vectors maps

the LoMaps "Italy North" and "Norway".

These maps show several red points with a white cross in the middle,

I've tried several configurations but I can't solve this issue...

So I kindly ask you if there is some solutions possible for

my very little problems.

Now I use LocusMap on a Samsung S10.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Giuseppe,

where do you upload the JPG to Locus from? I put it in a Dropbox folder and added it to the calibrator successfully. The same when I put it elsewhere... Difficult to define a problem when we are not able to simulate it. I'm sending the calibrated map file.

best regards

Michal, Locus team

Files: Test.kmz

As for the second problem - open Locus content panel (on the left edge of the screen) > Map layers > OpenStreetMap Notes - deactivate it

best regards



I've put the JPG in the internal memory of my Samsung S10 teh "download" folder by using my Ms onedrive....

thanks for your answers you're incredibly fast!


When I tried to download these files from the OTG device, I got the same error.When I transferred these files to the phone, downloading files to the calibrator was successful.


Ok I solved! I take the JPG directly from OneDrive (I didn't notice thes there is the "onedrive" option before!) and is all OK ! So I think is a "rights" problem on reading from internal memory directly...

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