I have the same problem - can't download caches.

Peter Prassinos shared this problem 10 months ago
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I used to be able to save the caches from the Live Map in a file and access that file offline.

However my version of G4L was updated the other day (3.0.3) and now when I try to save the caches using "Import Live Map GC" - I get a message that it is "Downloading" the caches, but then that's it! No pop up screen that I used to get to save to a file or create a new file - and I can't find where it has downloaded those caches for later use offline (if it has at all that is)

Can you advise what may be going on?

ps: sent a logs.zip email)

I am using an older version of Locus Map 3.37.2 as the newer version doesn't work on my ASUS TF300t using Jelly Bean 4.1