Enhance the functionality of waypoints in a geocache

rvheddeg shared this idea 10 years ago
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I remember being able to add pictures to waypoints. But this functionality seems to have been disappeared. I admit that I used it seldom, but I was just thinking to use it more often.

I have also some points who still have a picture, but I don`t know how to change/remove it...

Any ideas?

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hmm wait, are you sure? :) sorry, you`re

did you tried http://docs.locusmap.eu/doku.php/manu... edit a point?


I can see now that I have this third tab when I edit a point.

But I can`t find this third tab "Attachment" on a waypoint. Is this correct? Was this ever possible? If not, make it a feature request ;-)


ah finally understand. This was never possible before, only what you can do is attach photos directly to cache, no to it`s waypoints.

I`ve changed this to idea. Anyway in current system I use, should be really hard to extend waypoints to hold also photos, so even if there will be a lot of votes, it should take some time



could you also add a `Notes` section for waypoints.

Problem is now that the description is overwritten by an update of a cache.

I think that the description section should be read-only, and overwritten by an update.

The `Notes` section is then the place where I can put my own info and calculations, without fear of this being overwritten by an update.

So, could you change the title of this idea to `Enhance the functionality of waypoints in a geocache`?

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