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Icon size in Locus 2.20.0

Robin99 shared this question 10 years ago

Is there a need to increase icons size (e.g in logs) in 2.20.0 version? In previous version icons were smaller I think.

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Hello Robin,

may you please post a small screenshot how it looks like on your device? And also name of Android device you use. Thank you!

I already read about same "problem" (on facebook I think), but on my two test devices, it looks ok, so I'll gladly check it on screenshots from different devices. Thanks




Android 4.1.2 stock on SGS2.


Ah you use same device as me, so you see logs exactly as I.

So logs symbols should be same as before. Only difference here, is right "three dots" button for context menu.

Question here is if log images are really so big and should be a little smaller, or if there is another issue (for example three dots menu)

I personally do not like, if nothing is not clear on first sight. Without this menu button it won't be clear that is possible to tap on log. So I prefer this button because of this. It gives clear feedback, that you may do something with this log.


Ok, after discussion with my colleague, in next version will be

  1. icons around 25% smaller
  2. menu button on right side will be removed and menu will appear directly after tap on line

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