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eauland shared this idea 11 years ago
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Can you add an option to choose icon for items in mapitems.

I have two items in this folder Radar (1838 points) and Train station (3019points) if I display this two items is hard to found Train station or radar.

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Hi eauland

I do not quite understand what you mean exactly.

talking about mapitems - not POI - right?


Comparable with Data/Points where you can choose an ICON for the folder and even a seperate one for any point in that folder.

Mapitems is a nice place for storing stuff that you do not want to display all the time but have it easy on/off switchable all the time.

I use it for "storing" a long kml hiking track. Won`t be easy; the underlying sustem is different from points.


That makes sense?

Simple solution: import as POI...

but ok - its your idea...


That`s it henkvanderspek.

Before I have import gpx as POI but I think this category is perfect for large gpx files.

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