Add multiple waypoints from a folder for route planning

Chris Pohlad-Thomas shared this idea 3 years ago
Collecting votes

The route planner is nice. I'd love to be able to go into a folder of waypoints and add them all as intermediate waypoints with Route Planner.

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Good day Chris,

(and also @Silke from merged topic), interesting and also believe that useful idea. Let's hope for more votes because currently only one-by-one is possible.


Eine Möglichkeit wäre doch:

👉Man geht in den Ordner in dem seine Punkte stehen...

👉Alle markieren

👉Über neuen Menüpunkt "zum Routenplaner hinzufügen"

👉alle Punkte werden dadurch direkt in den Routenplaner aufgenommen

👉 Der Routenplaner berechnet die beste Strecke...

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