"I'm OK" button / "Send help SOS" button

brad shared this idea 9 years ago
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This idea is for a one-touch button that sends an "I'm ok" or "SOS Send Help" message to a preconfigured email or sms address with a current location and google maps URL.

I'm currently using the 'share map centre" function but there are a few steps to go through. Firstly in an emergency I might forget to set map centre to current location and accidentally send the wrong location. Secondly, another app has to open which takes time.

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I have the same idea before about GPS widget add-ons.


I wanted to have something like that, too. I found that there are apps available that have configurable one-click widgets to send your position and a text. The most advanced ones can even send repeated messages every x minutes or so. Maybe this could do for you?


Most of the apps that are supposed to send an SOS SMS that I tried (12 of them) are somehow faulty. Some of them are reasonably useable, but I found that they have flaws:

- All the ones that I tested and do work somehow properly as anticipated, handle poorly the GPS on my phones. They switch off/on the GPS, and the GPS is out looking again for sats for a while. Consequently, at times the message is sent with a position that can be far off. Locus handles the GPS data very well. This was the main reason that convinced me to buy Locus.

- Some of the applications require shaking the phone: that is a no no when the phone is used for outdoors activities, as the phone is almost permanently shaken.

- The predefined messages are often reduced to one, and often cannot be edited.

As Brad indicated, sending the SMS directly from Locus will bypass the need to switch applications or to wonder if the other application did the work properly.


Predefined messages that can be send withing a group would be nice. +Each message could carry importance flag - like normal message (as it is now), info (without notification), emergency (which needs to be confirmed by all users).

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