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Image map calibration crashes Locus (select file)

Ingo Rau shared this problem 5 years ago

Locus crashes on selecting a file for Image Map Calibration (from internal storage).

Is successfully used PNGs with alpha channel before, so must be something specific to this file...

Link to file:

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Hello Ingo,

hmm nice map that works fine for me. I see only possible problem here: file is really huge. Locus firstly needs to load the whole file into memory so this may be a problem on devices with less RAM. You may try to do a log by well-known method. As I see in code, Locus should check if device RAM may withstand the requested image and if not, it should warn that image is too big. So let's try a log? Thanks


Well, you put me in the right direction. It's not RAM size, though, but the internal file chooser. As soon as I used a different one (QuickPic for that matter), it worked flawlessly. So you can close this, definitely not a Locus problem. Thx & happy new year!



fact that one file picker works and one not, do not on 100% means that problem is not in Locus Map. Mainly if not working one, is the default system picker.

Anyway, even with system file picker, it works correctly for me, so hard to solve. I'll let it be for now as you suggest, but definitely keep eyes open.

Thanks and happy to You too ;)

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