Immediately jump to actual position when turning on

Marcus Marcus shared this idea 8 years ago
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In usually have set the GPS on "Disable when hidden" and the map to "Hold map center".

My common user experience is like this:

Turn the device on, wait to find the position, wait for the GPS fix, curse, wait another 5 sec (they come from "Hold map center"), see where I am.


Turn the device on, double click on the display to show the GPS button. Click on the GPS button to jump to my position. Which isnt established jet. Wait. Still doesnt work. Wait more. Click again. Still to fast.

Curse. Wait. Click again... This is at least this 5 sec faster than the method above. But sucks not only with gloves in the winter.

It would be very appreciated to jump to the actual position as soon as a GPS fix is established, after the device has been turned on. Or at least to the last known position.

Btw: Does "GPS auto off" (which seems also to work as an auto-on) override "Disable when hidden", as I suppose? This remains a bit unclear after reading doc and FAQ.


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Good day Marcus,

when you enable "Center button" in bottom left corner (it's highlighted) and then you turn off screen and after a while turn on again, then this button is disabled? If not, if may jump to GPS location as soon, as device compute any.

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