Implementation of APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System

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Implementation of APRS - Automatic Packet Reporting System.

I suggest you add the APRS function to the Locus Online Live tracking functionality. In the absence of Internet, it would be useful to implement APRS frame decoding. So you can target in a group without the Internet. APRS is also not only tracking, because it is also messages, POIs, balloons and other objects, telemetry data from thermometers, altimeters, etc. Interesting is the announcement function, where the group receives content. APRS frames can be sent to the system via the Internet or by means of APRS gates. Radio stations can decode direct frames, even if it has not been sent to the system via the APRS Internet gateway (for example, the group has a radio range, but no access to the Internet - they can track each other) and plot the position on the map. Unfortunately, license verification is required for this functionality. For example, the APRSdroid application grants permission to use, based on the user's license (Radio Operator's Certificate), in the form of an e-mail attachment.

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It is a pity that APRS is not possible in Locus map. I will probably cancel my Locus gold subscription, because APRS is one of the few systems that works without network availability. Without Locus it make no sense.


96% do not need the function. Therefore, it is unlikely that it will come. There are more important features that will benefit many users. These need to be done first.

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