Import caches from the map

Vincent Breton shared this idea 5 years ago
Gathering feedback

This feature is wonderful. It could be even more so if we could add an import filter as we can do for sorting the points. Kind of like what exists in GSAK. We could simply allow to use a filter already registered in a list of points. It would also be interesting to be able to have choices like last week, month in filters in addition to dates (start and end).

I understand that the return of caches is limited to 250 caches. Is it normal ?

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The first is actually feature request.

The second one, there is actually hardcoded cap to show up to 250 geocaches on the map to prevent Geocaching API overloading. This will be probably changed with implementing a new Geocaching API version. It is more prepared for quick request like getting geocaches positions on the map.

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