Import dialog blocks the Automatic Recording countdown

elmuSSo shared this problem 10 months ago

When I'm importing a KMZ contents, Import dialogs shows in the foreground, but Trip recording - Automatic Start is also shown, but in the background, and its unaccessible (so no cancellable). Trip recording countdown should start only after any initial dialogs will disappear from the main view.


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Hello elmuSSo,

good point, thanks for the bug report.

No easy solution for this. Both are quite independent features. Anyway, I believe it make a sense to completely cancel autostart of the recording in this case, rather than start it in the background. This situation may happen only in case, Locus Map was closed and opened with try to import some external file, so expected intent is "work with the app, prepare, plan", not directly "ride". Hope this makes sense.



Agree. Good idea.