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1) Is there a documentation that summarize of which file and content structure (in the file ) is supported by locus for map , track, poi .

I don't want to use other tool than my GIS professional tool , Qgis , osm tool , oziexplorer .

i ll expect to have a RTFM like oziexplorer

2) Is there a way to import android contact item ( name adress town ) in locus or do i need to convert them in kml filte structure .

3) which rendering engine is use by locus : webview = "browser rendering engine" ?


daily use : gis tool , javascript , css , html

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to your question.

1) Formats - please check supported formats at I guess that Qgis is able to work with KML format.

2) Contacts - there is a Locus contacts add-on that allows to display address of particular contact on the map.

3) Locus uses webview component that is provided by android system itself. Honestly we don't know which render version or core is used. Basically it should be chromium. Maybe you'll be able to find some doc where is written which chromium version is used on your android version.

EDIT: please check this article - meybe it'll be helpfull



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