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Import GPX file containing tracks and waypoints

Ronni C. shared this problem 9 years ago
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I am using Locus Pro on Samsung S4 , Android 4.3

After importing a gpx-file, created by Garmin Mapsource, containing tracks and waypoints I found only the tracks on tab "Tracks". But the wayoints are not listed in the tab "POI", although they are compleytely visible on the map. Selecting or sorting ist not possible.

In case the gpx-file only contains waypoints it works.

Does anybody know some good advices ? I do not like to separate every gpx-file into two type for waypoints or tracks.

Thanks very much.

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Hello Ronni,

since begin, Locus works in this way. Point here is that when file you try to import, contain one track and X points, all points are attached directly to this one track. So you work just with this one track. It's same as when you record track in Locus and in bottom menu, you add few points.

I'm not saying it's a perfect solution. I'm just saying that this is how it works now and as I remember, you are second one who wrote about.

I'm anyway open to discussion.


Hello Menion and Ronni,

I posted a question nearly concerning the same problem, in the reverse way:

If I'm not wrong, the situation is:

1. when you add points while recording a track (bottom menu), they are attached "inside" the track, on current cohordinates, not saved separately as pois

2. when you add points whith right bar button, on center of map, they are saved separately and you can't "insert" them in a track, never

3. when you import kml file containing both tracks and pois, they are imported separately, like in point 2

4. when the imported file is a gpx, it is imported as a track and pois joined together, like in point 1

5. Locus doesn't actually make difference between tracks and routes, so this isn't the why of theese different behaviours

I tried to save (separately, of course) a track and some pois; then I manually joined together in one file, both kml and gpx, and finally import them in Locus. They behave like I described above.

I don't understand why it happens this way: I know something about kml language, nearly nothing about gpx, so maybe I do something wrong; but Locus manage them whithout difficulties (or at least it seems to me so).

I think it would be better allow the user to choose what to do whith pois and tracks (both importing and exporting): join them together or store separately.

Is it possible?

Many thanks


Hello Lucio Dal Pan and Menion,

I found out a solution to see all waypoints for it’s own: Before importing the gpx-file, created for example with Garmin Mapsource, I add a second track which only consists of two or three points. It is only a dummy track without sense and covered by the real track. If there are existing more then one tracks, Locus cannot attach the waypoints to any specific track and in consequence they are listed and can be handled seperatly.

I think, that the automatic combining of one track with a number of dependent waypoints is useful and can be avoided in the described way by request.




Lucio Dal Pan wrote:

Hello Menion and Ronni,


You are almost right, except:

4. it doesn't matter on format but a content. Every file that has one track and X waypoints, will be merged into single track as in 1.

Whay this happen? It was my decision a long time ago. In most cases, you want to have points attached to track, so they show and hide together with track.

Anyway you're not the first who has such problem. So in next verison will be possibility to choose what you want to do. If merge waypoints to track or keep them separalely in own folder.


Thank you both.

Now I understand a little bit more.

The fact is that Locus presents and imports tracks "as if" they were "one" track, even if they are made by more segments.

I made some tests with recorded and designed tracks, and pois: kml file containing two or more <LineString>, you can say "segments", are imported as single track but stored separately from pois. There is nothing to do for these tracks, just manually modify kml (or gpx) file.

Well: what Menion says is a great new for me.

Thank you


Hello! is a good online converter tool, which is also free, to use if you need to convert gpx to kml files or the other way around. Simple to use, just upload your files, and fast results will be generated. Thanks


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