Import OpenAndroMaps-ML on Oreo: invalid file size

nicky shared this question 12 months ago

The new international / Mulitlanguage OpenandroMaps will not be imported on my device with Android Oreo, error: invalid file size.

The same maps get imported on another device with android 7.1.2 without any issue.

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It seems the issue with importing the multilanguage OAMs is in some way related to the external microSD on my OREO device, i.e. when the "mapsVector" directory is set to maps save on the external microSD.

I've placed one of the maps on the internal device storage and there was no problem with importing this one.

Afterwards, after importing one of these multilagnuage maps from the internal storage by setting it as "mapsVector" directory, i changed the "mapsVector" to the external microSD again and it seems to be no issue with this one map.

But when i add another multilangua map to the external microSD and restart locus it does not start properly: it shows in a dialog box the following:

"Working/initializing persponal maps/the name of the just added map" and force closes after some seconds.

A work-around for that: when i restart the device and start locus afterwards the newly added multilaguage map seems to be added in locus and working.


Hi Nicky,

thank you for the post and I'm sorry for troubles. Would you please create debug log for us. How to is described in the article

Please add new map to the external SDcard > start Locus wait for force close and after that collect log as described in mentioned article.

Thank you