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Import tracks from bluetooth gps

ulmus shared this idea 9 years ago

I just bouth external gps with MTK3329 chipset. All works fine when i connect to that, Locus works great, i have precision about 1 meter! But... if you can connect to the external gps module, maybe you can download gpx logs from that device? Now i have to use external tools on my PC to download routs, then i have to timeshift these gpxs... and then import into Locus... So... maybe download with timeshift directly from Locus? Or maybe simple tool also to edit track with timeshift?

Is there possible to have somthing from i want here above? :) I hope hope so.....

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Good day ulmus,

I was already trying to implement this feature, but it was quite complicated and because there were no real interest, I leave it be.

If you check Google Play, there should be an application called MTK tracker (or similar), which sshould do what you want. Because such application exist, I believe its not necessary to have such feature also in Locus

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