Important activity type missing (export-to-Strava feature)

Przemyslaw P shared this problem 7 years ago

Track export to Strava works, however there's no ride (bike) activity in list. I see horse, swim, kite, ski, walk...etc.(translated to Polish of course) yes, but no ride a bike. I prefer to must not edit it in Strava afterall. Could You please look at this?

Latest Locus Pro, Polish, Samsung S3 KitKat.

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it seems to be an issue in translation. First item wrote as "Jazda konna" is translated from english "Riding".

So I think it should be what you're looking for. Feel free to fix it on your own (I don't know correct Polish word), thanks


Unbelieveble, so simple. Thanks for solution. Now it's not a problem,just to remember right choice.

Thank you, good day.



Can you please also fix it in russian translation

now: Верховая езда

fix: Велосипед


Good day Alexander,

if you will have a five minutes, please fix it also by yourself here: . I may do it by simple copy&paste, but even here I prefer to fix it by person, who know what he write. Thanks for understanding!


I think some activity types still are missing, or maybe new ones in Strava.I cant find rowing kayaking etc. it's possible to upload this and change activity type in Strava but would be nice to upload it correct immediately. It would also be very appicated to have possibility to upload a whole folder at once. ie. save bike community to work locally and at once upload everything for analyze. I was previously using Endomondo but I've got enough of the ads added now and that I figured out that I almost can't reach all my previous saved data in a simple way. From now on I think I'll keep my data locally, but would be nice to have the possibility to upload it for analyze and comparison.


Good day Johan,

possible types of activity are defined on Strava homepage in their API documentation: . As you may see, "kayaking" is unfortunately not yet added.

To add an option to upload whole folder at once, feel free to create a separate idea like "Export more tracks at once to web services", so others may vote in case of interest.


Thank you for your reply!

I asked Strava about this and got this reply:

"Hi Johan,

The available activity types via the API are the following (via This is listed just above the Create Activity endpoint, though you are correct that the Create Activity endpoint you reference has not stayed totally up to date with all available types. I'll be sure to have one of us fix that.

Activity types

These are all the available Activity types:

Ride Kitesurf

Run NordicSki

Swim RockClimbing

Hike RollerSki

Walk Rowing

AlpineSki Snowboard

BackcountrySki Snowshoe

Canoeing StairStepper

Crossfit StandUpPaddling

EBikeRide Surfing

Elliptical VirtualRide

IceSkate WeightTraining

InlineSkate Windsurf

Kayaking Workout


Regarding gear, it is not possible to create or update gear via the API right now. That said, you can use the gear_id field within the activities endpoint to attach gear to an activity on upload.

Hope that helps, please let us know if you have any further questions!


Varun Pemmaraju"

I also asked about gear selection which seems possible to set but not add by the API which also seems to be a nice feature, but I adds ideas about add whole folders and select gear in upload.


Thanks Johan, it helped. Seems that part of text description of API is not updated so I was still looking on old texts. Updated ... added 8 missing profiles, thanks.


Think it's me that should thank you!

Thanks for the really fast feedback and a lovely program! Think I from now on should throw all other trackers out and just save my movings with Locus and maybe sync some of them to online services.

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