Imported Geocaches marked as found not getting correct status by update

Lars shared this problem 19 days ago
Not a Problem

When caches are imported from GPX with status=Found an update of these caches doesn't correct the status.

To repoduce:

1. Have a friend export a GPX file (e.g. from GSAK) where caches are marked as found that you haven't found

2. Update cache data

Expected: Cache is marked as not found

Actual: Cache is still marked as found

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I think this is is more a "problem" of the gpx file than a locus import problem.

As far as I know there is only the info present in the gpx file that the cache is found but not who found the cache.

When you or your friend already using GSAK to generate the gpx file for importing this gpx file I am quite sure there exist a solution to export these caches in GSAK with the status "not found".

So the solution for this "problem" should be found within GSAK.


Look at this GSAK macro for example.


Good day Lars,

your workflow is little specific I think. When some data are imported into Locus, there is no information if GPX file has older data then points that comes over Geocaching4Locus add-on. Locus Map just does not know it. So current behavior is, that if cache if already marked as "found", this information remain even after the update. If you want to completely rewrite this information, you may give a try and uncheck Settings > Geocaching > Keep own data during import. This should overwrite all data of already saved cached.

Otherwise, give a try to correct c.s.g. suggestion.

Thanks for understanding.