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Importing an exported POI with attached photos creates unusable attachment

Andrej Bruder shared this problem 9 years ago

This is what I did.

  1. While recording a track I added new points with photos.
  2. The points were stored with my track not to My Points database. Later I decided I would like to have the points in My Points database.
  3. Since I haven't found any other way how to do it I proceeded this way
  • I opened the track
  • selected a point
  • used Export feature, format GPX. The export path was /sdcard/Túry/Karpaty/

Then I continued:

  1. I went to the My Points database
  2. imported the GPX file from /sdcard/Túry/Karpaty/
  3. the point itself was created correctly BUT the attached photo was NOT

Please note at the attached screenshot that the JPG has 0 bytes and the error message shows that the file is expected on a file path that does not exist.

Another problem is that while I can add a picture manually (even a picture with the same file name), the dummy attachment cannot be deleted.

My Root Directory is set to /storage/emulated/0

My device is Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android KitKat 4.4.2.

Could you confirm that it is a bug or provide a solution?

Thank you very much for this nice tool.

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Hi Andrej,

you are right. Importing and exported POI with a picture will loose this picture.

The export is correct, because the picture is stored in a directory and the gpx file contains a <link> to this picture.

The import function in locus ignores this links or failed to evaluate the href content correctly which is a relativ path. Seems strange to me!

This is a bug in 3.6.2!


Good day guys,

really old topic without valid response from anyone behind Locus Map, sorry for that!

From what I remember, this problem should be already solved for some time and content exported from Locus into KMZ files, should be correctly 1:1 re-imported back. Is it correct, anyone may confirm it? Thanks.


Hi menion

for me it works with V3.25.4



I'd like to pick up this older topic again.

I'm trying to transfer a folder of points with description and attachements (photos) from one device to another.

I've exported the folder to a KML/KMZ file and transferred this file to the other device.

When opening the file with Locus Maps a "Import" dialog opens with the message (in german on my device, translated back to english by me): "Can't find any points or tracks to import in the file. Load content and show on map?"

When selecting "yes", I get a popup like "problem with file 'doc.xml'", no data is imported.

The device exporting the data is running Locus Maps Pro, the importing device Locus Maps Free. Both latest version (3.44.3).

What is the best (and working) way to transfer a set of points together with attachements from on device to another?



probably the easiest method is to simply copy the whole "Locus" directory from one device to second. To transfer really all data together with internal settings, check this manual page or just simply use a backup of settings over "Backup manager".


Update: my problem seems to be related to some single points in the folder. I'll try to drop and recreate them, maybe it's some kind of data corruption. Generally, exporting/importing Points with attachements using KML/KMZ works as expected.

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