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Bob shared this question 9 years ago

Very new to Locus Pro. Want to take piece of Google Earth map and put in Locus Pro. Is this possible, how does one do this.

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Hi Bob, welcome in the forum!

You know how to download maps in general?

If yes: you`re question is answered here:

If no: please come back and ask again.


Morning. I`ve got a clue how to download maps within Locus. I don`t know how to take a small piece of map (eg, Google maps, Google earth etc ) and save it as a file that I can load to Locus. Maybe is not possible, don`t know but appreciate advice.



Morning, nice :). You are in Australia/New Zealand?

Hope this helps you: item 5 : tap on the map symbol with the download arrow in the action bar goes in to details of download process.

Good night, I`ll go to bed now.

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