Impossible to import waypoint time before 1st Jan 1970

Matjazz shared this problem 2 years ago

I've parsed Slovenian cave database to a gpx file of 12000 waypoints that look like this:

   <wpt lat="45.782719" lon="14.203660">
      <cmt>Kataster: 747</cmt>
      <name>Jamski sistem Postojnska jama (Postojnska jama)</name>
      <desc>Dolžina: 24120m, Globina: 115m</desc>

And I've noticed that in Locus these waypoints have creation time set to time when I've imported the forementioned gpx file. On the other hand Orux had correct creation times so that excludes gpx file error.

However today I sorted waypoints by date and noticed that waypoints do have dates other than date of import but the oldest waypoint is dated 11th Jan 1970. It seems to me that Locus can't handle wpt dates before 1st Jan 1970. Is this some limitation or a bug?

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Good day Matjazz,

thank you for a precise bug report. It's of course issue in Locus Map itself. Will be fixed in next version.