Improve handling of a big database (folder) - travel feature

Wolfgang shared this idea 4 years ago
Gathering feedback

I mentioned that the handling of huge folder e.g. with 35000 caches slows all map operations dramatically down. It does not make fun any more.

BUT then I mentioned when I only make 2000 caches of this folder visible locus is performant again.

Now I had an idea. When I use the Geocaching live map a background task always loads new caches when I move the map.

My idea now is a travel feature. That means you fill a folder with lots of caches and a background task always makes only the next x caches visible.

Would be great to have such a feature for unplanned Geocaches while a bigger travel route.

Thanks Wolfgang

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Big databases are a general issue. My tracks DB is near 1 GB - a nightmare also memory-wise.

Having offline databases for caches and tracks - typically on external SD (in the Locus private space) - and selective copy/update functions between online and offline DB would help.


Michael you are right but what you mean is a different problem.

When I do longer travel I want to take all caches with me, and I just want to see what's currently around me.

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