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Dan Seliga shared this idea 2 years ago
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Hi Menion,

I would like to have more statistics / details from recorded track. More users use Locus for sports like cycling, running, hiking .... and use chest strap for recording heart rate.

My idea is:

1) in settings of Locus (where i set gender, age, weight) it will be settings of heart rate zones (5 zones like in attachment) where i will set my Zone 1 - Zone 5, e.g. Z1: 100 - 120 bpm, Z2: 120 - 140 bpm, Z3: 140 - 160 bpm, Z4: 160 - 180 bpm, Z5: 180 - 200 bpm

2) when I will record activity/track and I will save it, I will display details of recorded track where I will see spent time in Z1, Z2 ... Z5 (like in attachment)

3) when I will choose more recorded tracks (e.g. current month) I will see all time spent in Z1, Z2 ... Z5

Just now Locus is best training app for athletes, of course not only for training. For alert heart rate zones overrun I use addon for heart rate zones ... it works great ... but we miss spent time in zones.

It would be great to have it before the summer season :-)

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Did nobody comment it? I think that would by great improvement.