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tommi shared this idea 12 years ago
Gathering feedback

Some ideas to minimize user interaction when starting/stopping an already recorded navigation route were presented here:

Some more discussion was here:

My opinion regarding Menion`s doubts:

`what to do if user change some settings during navigation`:

Restore only those settings after stop of navigation which user didn`t change during navigation

`when app crash`:

If app crashes navigation gets stopped, doesn`t it? If it is stopped, settings should be restored as on stop of navigation by user

`I`m also waiting if MapsForge release in new library version support for offline routing`:

Look here:

I fear they won`t deliver support for offline routing though there seems to be sourcecode for this feature:

Even if there won`t be support for offline route calculation the offline navigation is useful because it is much better than offline guiding which again is better than nothing.

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Starting and pausing navigation in Locus is difficult (fiddly) - requires very precise tapping. Other TTN software remembers what route I was on and automatically continues navigation. Locus should have a large button on the right panel to Resume navigation from where you last exited the program.


Tom Szczepanik


locus has too many clicks to get navigation started.

if i`m choosing a point on the map to navigate to, on locus it like this... 1st click to select point, 2nd click to select the address window that pops up, 3rd click to choose options, 4th click to choose "navigate to", 5th click to select fast/short/etc.

but my garmin will get going with just 2 clicks - 1st to select the destination point on the map, and 2nd to select "go". thats it.

i think in locus the 2nd click window is redundant coz it displays the address, which is on the 3rd click window too.

also the 5th click options to select the type of route (fast/short/etc) can be put in the settings menu. thats what garmin does. if during navigation u decide to change the settings, it will recalculate the route based on the new settings.

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