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In POI dialog, scroll long names in 1 of the 2 displays, or consolidate to 1 multi-line name display

Georg D shared this idea 10 years ago

In the v2.20.2 POI dialog, POI names are displayed twice, one time in the title bar (right of house icon) and one time above the category/folder name (right of POI icon). Sadly, both places show only the first 3-5 words, so to see long POI names in complete, I have to edit the POI - cumbersome compared to old POI screen.

Please add a scrolling of POI name in one of the two places. It shall be rather fast as I can read the complete first name part in the "static" name display, and then the "scrolling" display shall have already scrolled to the end of the first name part so I can see all the rest.

Other idea: Remove one of the two POI name displays and use the freed space to make left over name display multi-line.

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Hello Georg,

I've alread enabled scroll of second text below map, but seems not to work correctly. I've fixed it now, so since next version, second text will be scrolling in case of loooong name.


Hi Menion, POI name below map scrolls in v3.1.3 so issue is fixed :) BTW, for me, it could be scrolling considerably faster. Cheers, Georg

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