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In Routeplaner the area measurement is not working correct if points of route are moved

druki shared this problem 5 years ago

Reproduceable for me when setting some (let's say 4) points with area measurement on. Value is calculated correctly as long as only new points are added. If an existing point is moved (by dragging it), sometimes vale is updated (recalculated), sometimes not. Sometimes it seems to be influenced by which point is moved (first or last point or point in between). But no regularity found in updating the value. In previous version of Locus it worked with my Ulefone Armor 2 (Android 7.0).

See screenshot. Should be arround 400 squaremeter, not 93.

I just saw that the route lenght calculation is also not correct if i make a route with i.e. 20+20+20+20 m, the result should be 80 m.

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Good day druki,

thanks for a bug report. App incorrectly a) ignored last segment, b) due to some optimizations also ignored the movement of points for the refresh of bottom values.

Will be fixed in next version.

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