Incomplete hiking theme?

Pavel Moravec shared this problem 9 years ago

Many marked trails in Czech Republic are not shown in built-in hiking theme. In some cases this may be intentional, in others probably not so much. There are two issues:

1. The line 1522 in (latest?) version 3.2.3 contains following:

<rule e="way" k="route" v="hiking|foot">

But in fact to show all marked trails (sans cycling) it should look like this (or maybe without the ski/horse tracks?):

<rule e="way" k="route" v="hiking|foot|ski|wheelchair|horse">

See thečkový_klíč for details.

Further, there are some osmc_colour variants which appear in Czech marked trails and whilst they may not be "standard" in the osmc help, they probably should be considered: purple, orange

Also, I don't know how trails with kct_none are currently handled, if at all, but that's probably out of scope of this issue.

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From my opinion isn't your definition needed for hiking theme

<rule e="way" k="route" v="hiking|foot|ski|wheelchair|horse">

route=ski - shoud be handled in SKI theme

route=wheelchair it's not defined for route

route=horse - that's the question. Should it be in hiking theme?

About "purple", "orange" would you please give me some example?

Kct_* tags are not generated at all. Only osm_symbol is used. Is it big issue?



route=wheelchair is defined in the link I supplied (probably came here from Germany). The problem is that you do not show any routes with OSMC markings which are not route foot or hiking.



I don't know if two examples are enough, if not, I will add more

Concerning ski & all:

- wheelchair should be in the theme IMO, because these are special hiking trails which allow barrier-less access. But maybe the Czech OTM page is wrong.

- there are "ski" routes which are used as tourist routes in summer.

- ski paths without piste:type nordic are not rendered in ski theme, neither are their colors from osmc_color (so they can be fixed there instead).

- BTW osmc_* markings are not used in themes outside of the hiking theme

Concerning kct_none - I was merely wondering, if you generate routes with this tag into maps.


Also, there are brown and gray route colors in Germany, but I don't know if this an error on authors' side or a common trend.


Hello Pavel,

thank you for details. I've started to work on new themes so every your note

is welcome.

- Black/Purple/Orange: when I created themes (two years ago) purple and

orange was not used. Inspiration for me was site: and now I can see that these colors

are rally defined. Black color is very common - often is used colored symbol or

combination colored background with some character. And this is limitation of Locus

vector map because it isn't able to show letters or characters in small boxes

above the track.

- Wheelchair and horse track – ok I’ll implement

into hiking theme

- Ski route in summer theme: I’m not sure if it’s good idea. I know that in Czech rep. are ski routes very often standard path and

can be used hiking in summer. But on the other site in Scandinavian countries

can lead ski routes over the frozen lakes. I don’t have own experience so that

for discussion with somebody “who knows”

- Ski paths without piste:type nordic are not rendered in ski theme: Yes that’s correct because that was only solution how to recognize that

track is rally used for skiing (route=piste wasn’t so common).

- osmc_* markings are used only in hiking thme: Yes, cycle and ski maps are not rendered based on osmc:symbol but based on difficulty

or hierarchy. Is it wrong?


You are right concerning the ski routes, I did not consider lakes and foreign countries. Maybe there are additional tags like "foot=no" but it is better to be safe than sorry and it should stay this way. I may just be too used to Czech maps, which have a combination of marked hiking/ski/bicycle routes in them and did not expect that a marked ski route will not be accessible by other means.

- Ski paths - so maybe it would be possible to add route=ski as an duplicate option?

<rule e="way" k="piste:type" v="~" >

<rule e="way" k="route" v="ski" zoom-max="13" >

<line stroke="#FAFAFA" stroke-width="5" />

<line stroke="#5BA599" stroke-width="2.5" />



If not, I will ask if someone can add the piste* tag requirements in the Czech OTM page (unless you add it in the track2way generator by yourself), since in Czech republic the piste:nordic is not required for the route=ski/kct_*=ski combinations

"track is rally used for skiing (route=piste wasn’t so common). " - I am not sure I understand, do you mean rarely (Czech: zřídka)? I don't think it is so rare but again, I may be looking at it from local viewpoint.

- Concerning OSMC markings - I was not suggesting changing colours and not taking difficulty/hierarchy into account. I was merely suggesting that you could render the osmc_background/osmc_foreground symbols if present to provide better track identification. But if it is a problem, it may stay the current way. BTW, are you currently using osmc_foreground2 component in some way or silently ignoring it?

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