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Incorrect command title for disabling a dashboard in a Profile.

Taras D shared this problem 6 years ago

Problem: The title for the command to disable a Dashboard is shown as "T:Disable dashboard". I assume the "T:" is a leftover from the development process.

Description: A "Profile" (new feature in V3.22) includes the ability to display a Dashboard. In the list of available dashboards, the first entry is a command and its title includes a leading "T:". I believe this is nomenclature used by the developer to tag the item (for translation?).

Version: Locus Map Pro 3.22.0


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Good day Taras,

thank you for a precise bug report! You have correctly identified this as a temporary name I use during developing till text is ready for translate. And from time to time I forget.

Issue will be fixed in next version.

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