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Incorrect Live-tracking instructions

Mike Gracz shared this question 4 years ago

The manual is a bit confusing. My wife and I wanted to set up a "private room" where we could "live track" each other in just the Locus Map application (i.e. not in a web browser) on our phones while we were out skiing on an extensive trail system in Norway. Maybe this comment will help other native English speakers figure out how to use this great service! (Someday if I have time, I would love to help you guys out with translations, no offense, you are doing a great job, but the English instructions can be a bit difficult to follow...).

Preliminary set-up (on each phone):

A- Get Locus Map Pro from the Play Store (really worth the $8 US!!)

B- Buy LoCoins (the denomination of the white L in the gold circle)- I bought 100 for $1.34 US at the time I wrote this, which will get me two months plus two weeks of premium Live Tracking service- also worth it!!

C- Subscribe to Premium sharing (50 LoCoins/month). You will be charged for the LoCoins when you buy them, but you won't use any LoCoins for 2 weeks, because you will receive the premium version for a two week trial period before your subscription kicks in. Cancel if you don't like it or don't use it anymore..

To configure private tracking in the Locus Map Pro app:

1. On the first phone tap the Menu -> Functions -> More Functions -> Live Tracking

2. Press the blue + button and then tap the "Locus live tracking" section [you could skip this step and jump to step 4]

3. Type in a name, tap ADD

4. Tap the three buttons to the right and select edit

5. Edit the "Nickname", and the "say something to the others" section, and change the icon if you want. To change the icon, tap on it and select one you like from the list

6. In the section entitled ROOMS tap on the MANAGE button

7. Tap the blue circle with a "+" in it, then tap a second blue circle + next to: "Add own"

8. Give the "room" a name and a description, and change the icon (if you want) in the spaces provided. This editing is just like what you did in step 5 for the "profile".

9. Tap the blue ADD button, this will take you back to the "Rooms manager" screen.

10. Tap the three buttons to the right of the room you just added and tap "Share"

11. Tapping "Share" takes you to a screen displaying an access key code and a blue share icon. Leave the access key code displayed, or write it down.

[Optional, or if the second phone isn't with you: tap on the blue share icon, then tap on the icon for email or for messaging. Type in their phone number(s) or email address(-es) to share the access key code with someone (others) who also has (have) Locus Pro and the premium version of Live tracking. They will get a message with the access key code embedded in a URL that, when followed, will display your location in a web browser once you turn Live tracking on]

13. On the person's phone with whom you want to share your live location follow steps 1-6 [or if you sent a link to someone far away, have them follow those instructions, and the steps below].

14. Still on the second phone, at step #7 above, instead of tapping "Add own", tap "Add by key"

15. Type in the access key value you received in #11, above, then tap on the blue ENTER ROOM button

16. On both phones (or as many phones as you want), for easy access go to Menu -> Settings -> Maps -> Panels & Buttons -> Set functions panels.

17. Tap the blue + icon, then the second blue + icon named: "Add function to panel" and select "Live tracking" This will put a Live tracking icon on the map screen

18. Tap the "Live tracking" icon on both phones and you should see each other's icons on your Locus Map Pro map screens. Locus will default to a private room if one is selected. Otherwise, your location will be publicly available on the Locus Map Live tracking website.

If you want to stop following: Go to: Menu->More functions->Live tracking (or tap the live tracking icon on your map screen that you added in steps 16 &17) and tap on the profile name to change the color of text from red to black.

You can add profiles, which can contain multiple rooms. If you have multiple profiles, tap on the one you want active, the text of its name will turn red.

If you want to stop using a room within a profile: Menu->More functions->Live tracking; then tap on the three squares to the right of the profile name that contains the room, tap on MANAGE and then on the three squares to the right of the room's name and choose "Remove"

Hope this helps!!


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Hi Mike,

the problem of Locus Livetracking UI is not in the manual in particular but in itself - we're working on redesigning it from scratch and then we'll overwrite the manual as well.

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