Individual POI proximity alert (distance / TTS)

Jörn Michel shared this idea 6 years ago
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Could you please improve the proximity alert?

Actually you cn select one alarming distance for all visible POIs.

Garmin has an quite similar feature but set the distance in an extra field in each POI.

If you leave that setting empty you even can have an silent POI.

In my case I use POIs during endurance regattas an use them to mark obstakles on the course. As there are lots of I only like to have an TTS alert for the very dangerous ones, but like to see them all. Someetimes thera are obstakles so near together that with one distance for all POIs you get mistakes or the wrong one.

Maybe you could use some setting if someone like to hear all POIs with the same distance or the individual ones.

One second great feature could be if you can edit the spoken TTS text via some syntax.

Actutally it tells "Waypoint, [POI Name] in [Distance][Direction]" sometimes this seams to be too long.

For my example I don't need to know that word waypoint in the beginning nor the distance or direction, because they are always the same but sometimes better the [description] than the [POI Name]

Thank you for your nearly perfect outdoor navigation system. I saw it some years ago where it seams to be some somewhat buggy beta release. But what I can see now is realy great! congratulations.

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Minimising POI alert TTS generation.

Can be done by 'trimmed' personal version xx.tts file.

(Help page warning: A problem with google drive shared (missing) files)

Anyway find example files attached in the Locus [DE] forum. (google translate).

Picture example: Minimising the POI alert messages.

Left pane = By original Locus example. Right pane = By (compact) custom version.


Nearing POI: Alert is generated. No POI <name>: Silent TTS point. (POI visible)

Problem: POI creation by Locus does not accept empty <name>

External generated and imported empty <name> POI's are accepted.

See attached example. First POI no<name> the second POI no<name> with <cmt>.

Multiple POI in range, generates the multiple point warning. (POI's visible)

Next Q ? Let's wait for the Locus team reply pse.

- By Locus: Circular alert zone around the moving user position, poi's have no additional alert set: + xx meter zone. (When 2 circular zones touch = alert) Locus advantage: Simple (single) fast setting.

- By Garmin: A circular alert zone around (each) single POI HAS to be set ? brrr....

No alert = Poi Set: 0 (zero) meter zone ? (Invisible poi zone for the alert generator)


As I never use(d) the Proximity function, I had a look into Garmin Basecamp.

The Waypoint proximity alert function. Will it accept 0 m proximity setting ?

"To add a proximity alert radius to the waypoint, select Proximity, and enter a distance".

I tested with distance set of 55 m and 0 m ! No protest by Basecamp_Mapsource.

At export & reimport by gpx file the 0m proximity distance set was recovered.

Sharing by gpx file (extension) ! (File attached)

How to (eventually) combine Locus POI simple alert function and POI proximity radius ?

Locus POI alerter. NEW: POI proximity Radius (in m)


- Empty: DEFAULT poi alert as in actual Locus.

- xx m: POI proximity radius.

- 0 m: Disables POI alert. (Invisible for alerter)

When both the user alert range and the poi radius touch = Alert.

By empty radius (DEFAULT) keeps the standard Locus POI alert function.


Thanks for your really fast answer.

For the TTS question: I think ths will work for me. I'll try it later.

For the proximity:

I just tried it on my garmin:

proximity 0 and no proximity setting has the same result: No proximity will be alerted.

You even can delete a Proximity distance in Basecamp an the Tag in the gpx file will be removed.

So your solution with proximty of 0m for disabled POI alert and empty for normal Locus behavior might work.

The proximity alert in Garmin is stored in the path:

<wpt> <extensions> <gpxx:WaypointExtension><gpxx:Proximity>

the value are Meters

"A circular alert zone around (each) single POI HAS to be set ? brrr....":

Yes indeed, but as I only need around 20 POIs with alert for n 200km course it's fine for me.

I really don't need an alert of any restaurant near the course ;-) for those who need the actual version of the POI Alert in Locus should be fine


Hi Jörn !

I am not a Locus team member ! So no victory for eventual succesfull idea implementation yet ;-)

So pse wait for the official reply if our developper or a Locus team member.

Anyway maybe a usefull hint because you are a Garmin gps user too.

The (pc) JavawaRtw tool makes it possible to add group elevation and proximity distance.

Carefull, by the modification function changes ALL previously set proximity distances to standard distance as set in the rtwtool.

Find example gpx file generated by the JavawaRtw tool in the attachment. (Height was added by the Rtwtool)


Idea POI individual proximity alert set.

ADVANTAGE: Different warning distances between individual poi (obstacles).

Assuming obstacles are +/- circular, the proximity distance differs. (Small obstacle, large obstacle).

Set Locus POI safe distance alert to keep away of the different area obstacle BORDERS.

If necessary fast (re)set Locus POI alert to new safe distance. (Large ship, small boat).

DISADVANTAGE: Not implemented. (Only 3 + Votes )

Actually what can you do in Locus ? (Single distance poi alert)

Less sophisticated but probably also will do the job ?

Separate your available poi's into 2 separated maps.

"No Alert" map and "Alert" map.

Add no alert poi's into "No alert" map. (Set visible)

Add alert poi's into "Alert" map. (Set visible)

POI alerter: Select single map "Alert".


Yes, if you apply the instruction:

"poi_alert_point_X": "% S", you will hear only the necessary information, but then the function "Point - Alert - Duplicate Alerts" will stop working, which uses the same instruction.

In addition, it duplicates another instruction:

"pass_point": "% S", (I do not understand when it is used :-( ).


"Alert - Duplicate Alerts" will stop working."

A. No no, duplicate alerts keeps working the instruction is in the next line.

"__comment_poi_alert": "POI Alert parameters",

"poi_alert_point_X": "%S",

"poi_alert_X_points": "%N1 points in range",

Test by download by the compact [EN] file in: en.v6.0709.tts. (To use change to en.tts).;topic=3245.0;attach=4851

B. "it duplicates another instruction"

Does not as:

"poi_alert_point " is for POI. ( Isolated, individual points in points folder)

"pass_point" is for Via Points. ( Points merged into tracks intended for navigation)


I would suggest here that you also voice the contents of the tag <description></ description>.

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