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Initialisation progress incorrect

Fred73000 shared this problem 14 months ago
Not a Problem


A very small problem,

I use Locus Map Free.

When we start the app, we have information of the progress in %

I have a lot of tracks, the last step of initialisation and it is quite slow so I have time to see the %

And the progress shows 64%, then 65%, then 66%, then 67%, then 68%, then 69%, then 100%

I never see between 70 and 99%.

So I think there is a pb with the calibration of the progress.

Best regards


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Hi Fred,

if you have many tracks activated, i.e. visible on the main map screen, then the initialization process is slower as it requires much more system performance (more info about Locus Map performance:

If you don't see values between 70 and 100%, it's no problem, don't worry. The values display in fact randomly only to show there is some progress.



Yes, your right.

Better to have the progress from 0 to 69% where 69% = 100% than, when I update windows, to have 100% in 5 seconds and then to wait 30 seconds the end which means that Microsoft calibrate the update from 0 to 600% but we never see the progress from 100 to 600%, lol !

Best regards


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