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Initializing tracks takes a long time

freischneider shared this question 2 years ago

When Locus starts, the initialization takes more than 1 minute. I have a lot of tracks (short trails for MTB) and points in memory.

3000 tracks and 2000 geocache and points for southern Germany

If I hide all tracks - and start again, it only takes 4 seconds to start.

Is it possible to initialize the tracks only when they come into the visible map area.

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this is the normal behavior of the app. If you visualize thousands of points or hundreds of tracks on the map be prepared for a very slow start of the app that has to process a huge amount of data. There is no exact number of visible points or tracks that are behind the deadline as it depends on your hardware capabilities. Nevertheless, work with such data that you need at the moment - keep others inactive. More information at

Michal, Locus team

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