Insertion of several waypoints in a track (route)

Yves B. shared this question 13 months ago


je souhaite déplacer plusieurs WP (points de passage) pour les insérer dans le fichier d’une randonnée.

Il est possible de faire cette opération pour 1 WP à la fois. Est-il possible de faire cela pour plusieurs WP à la fois?

Si c'est le cas, comment?

Sinon, je pense que ce serait une bonne amélioration du produit (logiciel Locus Map Pro).

Remarque : je crois qu'il est possible de sélectionner plusieurs WP pour les supprimer ensuite, mais pas pour les déplacer, pour les insérer dans une trace de randonnée.



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Hi Yves,

if the route is planned in Locus route planner, you can insert the waypoints additionally:

- display the waypoints on map

- open the route in route planner

- add the waypoints to the route (always select "inside route") (


Hi Michal,

Thank you for your answer.

I tried to realize what you say, but I need one more information to finish.

           1) I have all the points (19) on the map (incon : black house on yellow color)

           2) Then, I opened my route with the route planner (track in bleu color)

           3) I have the following display (see the attached file) with my points in yellow and the blue line for my route (or track)

But now, I don't know how to find the function that allows me to merge the points and the track (insert the points in the track).

Thank you for giving me more explanation because I don't see the function to add these points to the route.

Thank you for your help.


Le 19/06/2019 à 16:10, Locus Map a écrit :


Hi Yves,

I'm not sure if the route I see in the planner was actually planned in the planner before? I see only two shaping points so probably not. The instructions a had sent to you work only with routes planned directly in Locus route planner, it doesn't work with recorded tracks or with imported routes. Nevertheless, ouy may try this - the route may recalculate:

- tap the point in the Route planner

- select "middle" from the bottom menu - the route recalculates and the point is added to it

- do this with all of those points

Does it work?