Install of Locus Maps Pro from google play store fails with error code 504

Roland Sternberg shared this problem 2 years ago

I must reinstall the Locus Maps Pro app from google store. The download works fine but install breaks with error code 504. All usually problem solver tasks (delete play store data, remove/add google account, reset google play store to factory default version) does not help.

Before removing the app I have upgraded Android from 5.0 to 6.0.1. Then Locus Maps Pro had some problems with setting new default directories on SD card (as internal device). This was the cause to reinstall the app.

I have tried to install the FREE version of Locus Maps. It works without problems.

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Dear Roland Sternberg.

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately, Google Play store has not own list of errors with help how to solve the problem. So, I've tried to find some information about error 504 in alternative servers about Android themes. Here you find 3 method how to solve this problem

Please let us know which method was useful for you.

Thank you



Hello Hana,

thanx for your fast answer. The three methods could help for download problems but does not help for install problems after the download. Now, I have found a way to make a new install of Locus Maps and perhaps I have found the cause of the error:

I have tried to use my external sd card as internal device instead as removable device (It's a new function in Android 6). Locus Maps has some problems with this function. After upgrade to Android 6 the dialog to set default directories for maps or mapsVector are using different directory selection dialogs. The mapsVector dialog is using the new google picker dialog and can not "pick" a directory at the sd card (as internal device). All other dialog are using the common dialog and can use directories at the sd card.

I think this is also the problem for a new installation of Locus Maps. Google Play Store is using the internal device with the most free space to install the app and this device is the sd card at my smartphone.

Now I change my sd card to a normal removable device and the installation works fine on the internal storage. It's not that what I would like to have but I can live with it.



Good day Roland,

this new "Google picker" dialog is used also for "Backup" and "SRTM" directories. This selection is used because it's only method, how to get working "write" access to these directories even when they are on the SD card. All other directories is not currently possible to place on SD card in case of Android 5.0+.

Problem, that you were unable to select SD card: in "Google picker" is under top three dot menu option "Show SD card". Did you tried it? Because it works on my testing device correctly.

Hope this helps to explain it little bit.


Dear Roland.

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