Interrupt offline map download

Razenstein shared this question 7 months ago


sometimes it takes days to download a big offline map ... that is not nice, but normal as it is an external restrixiton with those 10000/a day.

BUT: sometimes I need to download something small inbetween but I can not, as there is still that other download pending. From UI it is not clear if an incomplete map will be deleted if the resume is stopped ... or can I restart download later again??? Please make it clear on the screen as nobody wants to loose days of downloaded maps.


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Hi Frank,

basically there can be only one active downloading. You can stop the downloading after that start another one but if you want to re-activate the first one, you need to create again the definition for downloading and choose option Supplementary download. Please see:

Please note - we do not suggest to download vast areas that exceed daily limit. Please consider downloading LoMaps maps from Locus Store. LoMaps have about 10x smaller size as downloaded online maps, contains offline address search or POI database. Please see

Thank you

BR Petr